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Where It All Started!

In 2018 Custom Apparel & Accessories was the quite literally the name of the game for Viewpoint. Our full brand catalog can be found below with our favorite combination of sewn, stitched and sourced Viewpoint products.

The Viewpoint Group

If your're looking for custom Viewpoint wear we hope you enjoy your experience and find what you're looking for above. Our brand wear has played a huge part in building the Viewpoint Group name and pioneered almost everything we do from Custom Apparel, Stationary, and Print Management to Content Creation and Social Media Management.

Viewpoint Apparel

Our very first division; designing, building and distributing our favorite products to all of our friends and family.

PrintPro Customs

Our flagship division, Printpro Customs prints all things business. This includes products from apparel to stationary, signage, labeling and more.

Insight Media

Our newest division, in partnership with Ascentech Solutions Inc., Insight Media Solutions specializes in all things content creation and management.

Profiting Our Community

Since it's inception, Viewpoint Apparel has looked to take a community driven approach to our business model, centered around the primary goal of enriching the lives of our communities. At our core, Viewpoint creates, coordinates and brokers products and media. Through the product and services we provide, the community initiatives we're working on, and the broker program we have instilled, Viewpoint looks to help our communities give back, save, and earn in a plethora of ways.

PrintPro By Viewpoint Apparel.

Established in 2018, Viewpoints catalog contains thousands of products ranging from essential stationary to unique promotional Items. With the newest release of Print Pro, we continue to push ourselves to provide the highest quality custom products and print methods available, tailored to your businesses brand, at the best price points possible. With the combination of our friendly and experienced staff, diverse catalog and efficient delivery methods, transitioning your print presence today has never been easier.

Ignite: BrokerBase

Developed in 2019, our BrokerBase program is a personal favorite and provides a tremendous amount of diversity to the Viewpoint group. Through Ignite, Viewpoint provides businesses and key individuals with access to select pieces of our catalog stack (1M+ Items) filtered to their needs. This catalog is individually branded and every item can then be resold to earn up to 30% profit on each sale. For more information or to inquire about the application process, contact Info@viewpointapparel.ca today!

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